Until moss grows
The title of this work comes from 《wanyeji》.
Japanese artist Hiroshi Sugimoto wrote a collection of essays of the same name.
That book is not a book dedicated to the display and interpretation of works. This is a column he wrote for the experimental literature and art magazine 《he le》. The book contains all the representative works of Sugimoto Boshi since 1974.
My work is not a tribute, but it also uses this simple name to explain the subtle relationship between "people, life and time".
The "life" here refers to the meaning of all things and nature (World). The process of human civilization is a proud process of trying to separate itself from nature. In this process, time is both a bearer and a comforter, a recorder and a cleaner.
In this work, the symbolic expression technique is used to show the "people" as the subject of the shooting: immersion, anxiety, tolerance, hesitation, confusion, suddenly, restraint, self-saving, conceit and other intermediate states interacting with nature.
What time gives is not only the sculpture of these States, but also a progressive form of balancing the swing at both ends.